House Rules – V Care Service Apartments

  1. Submit your Photo I.D. (original & valid): o Passport   o Driving License   o Aadhaar Card   o Voter Card  o Any other Photo I.D. in force stipulated by Government
  2. Foreigners: (a) At the time of Check-in, please submit your Passport details & help us to fill “Form-C” to submit to FRRO of immigration. (b) It is mandatory & your responsibility to register your stay with FRRO within stipulated time. After the necessary formalities with the Ministry & other statutory bodies, please submit your Passport/s to the management.
  3. Tariff: The tariff is only for the Room Rent and is subject to applicable taxes.
  4. Couples: We accommodate only married couples. Please submit sufficient proof upon request.
  5. Any illegal and immoral activity is strictly prohibited by the guests, their companions / visitors. Possessing any illegal, immoral articles, consumption (or) possession of Narcotics by the guests, their companions / visitors, is prohibited.
  6. Get-togethers & Parties are not permitted in our premises. Please see that your behavior shall be pleasant to other occupants, staff and neighbors. In the event of any nuisance / noise, created by the guest (or) anybody relevant to the guest, will not be tolerated and will be advised to vacate immediately, failing which, suitable action will be taken.
  7. Food: Please follow our Menu Card for food & place your order at least 2 to 3 hours before. If the ordered food is consumed or not, the charges are to be paid by the guest. The food is served only in the Dining Area, as per the following timings: Breakfast: 8.00 AM to 10.00 AM; Lunch: 12.30 PM to 2.30 PM; Dinner: 8.00 PM to 10.00 PM.
  8. Laundry: Laundry service is available “in-house”. Please refer to our Price List. Please check the clothes before & after. The management is not responsible for any damage caused to the clothes. Please settle all laundry bills by cash.
  9. When you go out: Please try to return back before 10. pm, because our staff have to wake-up early to start their services. In rare occasions, please inform your return time, to our care-taker.
  10. Your Belongings: The management is not responsible for the loss, damage or theft or pilferage of your valuables & belongings. Please lock your luggage, suitcase, doors and the room when going out or going to bed. Keep all keys in your possession. While going out, you may handover the door key to our caretaker, but at your risk.
  11. Visitors: Guests shall obtain permission from the management and are allowed to meet the visitors only in the hall. Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight, beyond 10.00 p.m. If any visitor want to stay overnight, permission has to be obtained from management, as “Extra Person”, and submit proper Photo I.D.
  12. Payment & Settlement of Bills: Please make full payment, plus 25% extra for your intended stay & shall obtain proper Receipt. Confirmed dates cannot be cancelled or changed. Accounts will be settled while Check-out. Personal cheques are not accepted. Company cheques may be accepted subject to prior agreement. Credit/Debit card payments may be accepted (if the relevant swiping machine is installed & in working condition) at extra charges.
  13. Check in & Check out Time: It is 24 hours from the “Check-in Time” which is advised by the guest or client at the time of booking, irrespective of the “actual Check-in Time” by the guest.
  14. Early Check-in Time: If different than mentioned during booking, subject to availability at extra charge.
  15. Late Check-out Time: A grace period of maximum “one hour” is allowed after your “Check-out Time” (mentioned while booking), failing by which, a “minimum charge of one day” has to be paid.
  16. Early Check-out: If you want to check-out, before the original check-out date, the compensation of 50% has to be paid for the remaining period.
  17. Extension of stay: May be allowed subject to availability & may require shifting to other rooms. Otherwise you may have to vacate on the agreed date & time, as per the original booking.
  18. Extra Person: Additional person (8 years age & above) accompanying the main guest, may be accommodated at extra charge, sharing the same room. Bed will be provided, with or without cot, subject to availability (or) choice of the extra person, but the extra charge will be the same.
  19. Pets: Pets are not allowed.
  20. Damage or Loss to our property: If any damage (or) loss caused to our property, by the guest (or) persons relevant to the guest, either knowingly or unknowingly or by negligence, then full compensation including the business interruption losses if any, shall be paid by the guest (or) from his/her company immediately. The value of such compensation is to be decided by the management.
  21. Internet WiFi: We have provided complimentary Internet Wi-Fi for your convenience. Please utilize it in a proper manner. It is a crime to use it for any illegal or immoral activities, either by yourself or by any of your companions or visitors.
  22. Water & Power: Please close the water taps after use. Kindly switch off the A/Cs, Fans & Lights when not in use.
  23. It is our duty to provide you all facilities and comforts. If for any reason, some facility, such as Internet, Air-condition, T.V etc., do not function, kindly bear with us. We regret for the inconvenience and try our best to put it in order at the soonest.
  24. House Keeping is done once daily, in day time. If it is required in your absence, please advise the same, to the in-charge.
  25. You / your companions are the most important to us. But the management is not responsible for any kind of damage either to you or to your companions or to your visitors or to the belongings for any reason.
  26. The management reserves “the right of admission” to any person into the premises. If the management requests any guest to vacate at any time without previous notice, the occupant is bound to oblige and vacate by clearing all dues.
  27. Company’s lien on luggage & belongings of the occupants: In default of any payment dues by the occupant, the management can detain the luggage and belongings of the occupant and sell or auction the same, at any time and such proceeds will be adjusted against the dues, and the occupant (or) his / her company has to pay for any dues remaining.
  28. The Management reserves the right to amend the House Rules at any time, without notice.
  29. Leave your Suggestions / Complaints with the care-taker (or) Email: